Style Campana - PICS ONLY!!!

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  1. Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta Campana here.
    Please indicate the style, size if applicable (i.e., med, large, mini, maxi) color name, color code, leather type, season and year of the bag you are posting. It is also valuable to include measurements in inches HxWxD, strap length or handle drop. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Medium Campana, Limo, nappa, S/S 2007
  3. Medium Campana in Camel (A/W 2007) - nappa leather.
  4. Medium Catalano Campana in ebano and Large nero intrecciato campana (icon collection)
    bottega 001.jpg bottega comparison 004.jpg bottega comparison 007.jpg bottega  003.jpg
  5. Medium Campana, Magnolia, nappa, S/S 2007.

    Photo credit :
  6. Large Campana in Nappa leather, Ebano color (code 2072). Purchased in 2006? from Chicago BV store.
    Resized pict..JPG
  7. Medium Campana in nappa ebano, purchased may 2007

  8. Pics of Large nero campana from the inside with the closure (hook and metallic side closure) A/W 2007
    refrence 001.jpg refrence 002.jpg refrence 003.jpg
  9. Large Campana in Nero nappa, purchased 6/1/2008, HKD17,980.



  10. Large Nero Campana. Purchased June 08.

  11. Large crocodile campana
    Crocodile Campana 2.jpg

  12. OMG!! :drool:
  13. Cassis
  14. maple and eclipse campania
    DSC03680.JPG DSC03675.JPG
  15. turbolence campania

    Fall 08