campana or pyramid?


Jul 15, 2007
ok, so i want a bv hobo in their signature brown, which is better, the campana or the pyramid? i know the campana is an icon bag, so its a classic but they re saying that the pyramid has also become part of the permanent collection now... i love the way the campana looks, but if i want to travel with my bag isnt the pyramid better because it has a zip?


Jan 2, 2007
Both bags are beautiful, so I'm no help at all. The large Campana closes pretty securely because it has a hook closure and a magnetic closure and the top of the bag sits fairly close under your arm, on the other hand the pyramid has a full zip closure so it doesn't matter how you hold your bag the contents will be safe. The pyramid is also woven right around the bag whereas the campana has plain leather on the sides and at the bottom of the bag. The campana has a nice flat shape to wear against your body, whereas the prramid is a bit more rounded. Mmmn is it possible you can try on both bags?? Also you have to bear in mind the campana comes in 2 sizes and the pyramid only in one.:confused1:


Oct 1, 2006
Both bags are gorgeous! I would try the bags on in person as Syma suggested. Bags take on a different feel when you see and wear them. :flowers: I thought I was set on purchasing the old ball bag as my first BV but when I saw the large veneta, I knew that was the one. :heart: I prefer zippered bags as it makes everything more secure but since I just ordered the medium campana, I must be willing to overlook a little security for love of design. :love: I also love the old ball and new ball. Have fun shopping and let us know what you decide. :tup:


Nov 17, 2006
i had a campana and it was a perfect to-go bag for me. although there is no zip closure, i find it to be more of my style since i like to reach in and find things quickly that way. pyramid i have tried it on and really like it as well and that might well be my next BV. so i am no help either :sweatdrop: i agree with Syma and Mystiletto that you should try them in person. I learned my lesson the hard way that you have to try bags on in order to know which one fits the best for you. good luck and please let us know which one you decide on.:smile:

Mystiletto-we wanna see the your new love when it arrives...:yes:
May 11, 2006
San Francisco
Having tried on both of them I do prefer the pyramid for me. (Now I just have to save my money for it) It really is best if you can try them on in person.


High on H!
Aug 22, 2007
hi urvi

i'd say the pyramid, but only because i travel frequently and need to keep my belongings away from pickpockets.

the campana is definitely an iconic bag. and i know i'm really not helping, but have you considered the veneta? it's an iconic bv design, is zippered, hangs beautifully, ages gracefully and fits an entire life of stuff!


Sep 26, 2007
hi hi.
i like the pyramid for its one strap and zipper top.
i like the campana for its open top for easy access but i dont like its two straps as i feel that one may keep slipping down.
having said that, like what the others have said before me, i tink its impt to try out the bags at the shops and feel which one is better for you or which one you like more.
just go with your heart and do share your purchase with us when you have decided!