Campana - Large / Medium - Length?

  1. Hi, can someone help - I want to know the length of the medium and the large Campana....?

    Just want to have this information on hand in case I want to snap a medium Campana on Bluefly or on eBay...... just gotten the online shopping bug in me! \\

    Thank you to you, my 'faceless' frens - look, don't take offence, whenever I tell my DH something I learn from TPF, he'll say this! :p
  2. This is from BV website. I guess it's for the medium size. Did not see the larger size. Hope this information will help.
    Medium Camapna: 125787/V0016/2040 EBANO NAPPA 12 x 5 x 8 IN. $1880
  3. Yes, that's the size for the medium campana. Of course it changes a bit once it breaks in and gets smooshy. So...anything you've got your eye on, mlbags?