Campana colors

  1. Does anyone know what colors the Campana comes in? I'll be at BV in a week and definitely want to examine the Campana. I love the ones I've seen here.
  2. Which BV?
  3. Chicago on Michigan Avenue.
  4. I may be down just for the day around the 16th or 17th. PM me if you want to meet.

    If you could please look at the bag I posted with the "grafitti" leather. I'd like to know what you think!

    Will you be purchasing another bag?
  5. Dang, we'll be heading back the 15-16th. We're driving since we have to go to Michigan for a family wedding first. I'll be downtown from sun. afternoon, March 11 to tue morning, March 13. So I'll visit the Mich Ave BV during that time. I reallywant to try on a Campana.

    I'll have to see that graffiti pattern IRL, I think. Photos may not do it justice. Just from pics, I wouldn't buy it, but what YOU like counts the most. If I see some there, I'll give you my personal opinion, whatever that's worth.

    Maybe on a future trip to Chgo with enough notice, we could meet up?

    BTW, I posted in the other thread that I really love your shoes--just for fall!!!
  6. Oh darn!! Be sure to check out the NM on Mich Ave. They are having some big jewelry trunk show thing going on that week - not sure when it starts. I'm not really in jewelry that much but fun to see especially when they bring everyone in and serve drinks and hors doeuvres!! For the chanel trunk show they had lemon drop martinis!

    Thanks for your opinion on the bag in question. I think somebody on the forum said it correctly. It just caught my eye. But now I'm sitting here thinking "how much will I use it?" If I let it go I don't think it will be "the one that got away" KWIM? Something is always around the corner. I've got to look.
  7. I have to ask: how did you pick your screen name? Do you have boxer dogs?
  8. Boxermom, I have only seen the Campana in the brown, which I LOVED, but like you am curious to know what the options are, I think this is a great bag and it is on my 'must' list as soon as my bag ban is lifted. :nuts: So if you get any info, I would be so appreciative if you would post it later. Thanks and have a great shoppping day! :smile:
  9. I have the large Campana in dark brown and it ROCKS. Fantastic investment piece that transcends seasons and trends. Fab both casual and formal.
  10. I don't know the whole list of colors but you've seen pics of mine which is black. It's glossier than the Ebano that I have and dresses up an outfit nicely.

  11. I was interested in the larger size in dark brown and contacted the BV personal shopper. Apparently in the US it only comes in black and brown in that size. I wrote to ask her the price but she never responded. Can you tell me how much it retails for? Thanks
  12. $1690 for the smaller size pictured on the website. The larger is close to $2,000 unless it has come down since I got mine.
  13. maxter, I have this username because I've had boxer dogs all my life. The last few have been rescue boxers. The one we have now is really a challenge--a 2 yr-old male who has had no training, other than housebreaking. I always go in the Mich Ave NM when I'm downtown, so I'll see what's going on. Was the Chanel trunk show at NM or the Chanel store? It sounds like a lovely time!
    macbagger, if I get any good info, I'll share when we return.
    Bagpuss, I love your Campana--the black would work day or evening.
    ebruo, the brown is great on that bag, too. I hope the store has both.
    jayge, thanks for the details on color. I assumed it would at least come in a seasonal color, but not in the USA at least. I'll bet Europeans and other parts of the world see BV styles/colors that never come here.
  14. The large Campana only comes in dark brown and black. However, it may be possible to special order the bag, but there's an "extra" charge of 30% and it must be "approved."

    The small Campana right now comes in black, dark brown, cream/white and pink.
  15. Please consider the large Campana, the proportions work so much better with the two handles, the small is nice too, but doesn't have the same punch in my opinion. I live in London, but haven't seen the large Campana in any colour other than those two (they didn't have any alternatives in Capri or Rome either). The large one is about a £1,000-1,100 here, which is more or less the same as in thee US I think.