camp counselor job interview

  1. I have an interview tommorow to be a camp counselor, i went to the camp for 6 years as a camper and was also a CIT. It has been two years since then and i am now coming back for a job. I was just wondering if any of you have been on a camp counselor interview, what questions do they ask? I have to bring my camp application with me along with two proffesional letters of reccomendation, in which i think they go over with me during the interview. I think i have a good shot since i was a long-term camper and CIT, but i just want to make sure i can give it my best!
  2. They usually ask you questions about how you would deal with certain situations like:
    - what would you do if a kid were homesick
    - what would you do if a kid needed disciplinary action
    - what would you do if there was conflict between two kids
    - who do you put first
    - how do you deal with authority
    - describe a time you had to deal with conflict & how you resolved it

    I think you'll be fine since you have experience as a camper, so you know what it's like to be in their shoes. I would just emphasize that the kids always come first (because they do come first) and any experiences you had at camp that you learned from (like what counselors did that you liked, what helped you fit in and not feel lonely, etc.). Good luck!
  3. I did camp counseling through college... however, I must have killed quite a few brain cells in the past years because I can't remember a single question in my interview. :wtf: To be fair, this was 8 years ago (I only interviewed once, right after my freshman year of college).

    If you've gone to the camp before, you might already know the director/people who will be interviewing you. I'd make sure you emphasize the fact that you are enthusiastic about the camp, knowledgeable about its traditions and rules, and are a responsible person who can be trusted to supervise kids. Think of a few anecdotes that illustrate these points, and I'm sure you'll be fine.
  4. My daughter went yesterday for hers and the one question I knew would be
    How would u handle a child misbehaving?
    Always answer that u leave discipline to the parents and simply distract them with something else and reinforce positive behavior.
    They also asked why she wanted to be a counselor....
  5. I've worked at camps as a counselor and an administrator, so I've done some counselor hiring. The only thing I'd mention that hasn't already been stated is that sometimes when I'm interviewing people who came to the camp as a camper and CIT/LIT, it seems like they only want to work at the camp to keep their camp experience going. Almost like they only want to work at camp because they're too old to be a camper and this is the only way for them to come back. I'm not saying that you have that attitude at all, but the people interviewing you will probably be looking for it. It's definitely an asset that you were a camper there, I'd just frame it in a way that it sounds like you had such a good experience there as a kid that you want to have the opportunity to provide an amazing experience for the kids who will be there this summer. It's all about the campers!

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be great!
  6. How did it go?? I was a camper for 3 years and then took about a 3 year hiatus then decided to go back and be a counselor when I graduated high school. Definitely my favorite job in the world. In addition to the great questions provided by thegoreprincess, I was asked creative questions like "if you could be any animal what would you be?" and things like that. It is just like any job interview; you should be prepared for anything.

    I think dmb has a very good point as well, but I think having the break between your camper/CIT years and applying for a counselor position kinda shows that you don't just want to extend your time at camp for selfish reasons but that you make the decision to go back and want to be able to share that experience with other children. So that is always a good point to emphasize as well.

    Best wishes and I hope you got the job!!