Camouflaging Fatigue

  1. Hello! I'm in need of some serious help. Ever since I gave birth, I look (and feel) dog tired most of the day. I know it'll pass once my baby learns to sleep straight throughout the night. It may sound selfish to some but I believe that moms shouldn't forget about taking care of themselves too. anyway, I'm in need of some major overhaul. How can I at least look "alive".? Any make-up tricks or cream to use to at least camouflage my oh so tired look? Thanks!!!!!

  2. Hi. I don't know if you ever tried solarium before or if you are afraid of it. But if you are pale and do a couple of sessions and don't overdue it then you will look healthier. Then i would suggest the clinique true bronze pressed powder any sade that fits you and the lancome 01 blusher that is a lightly sparkling blusher.Or alternatively use a similar one that The Body Shop has. Also buy a gold eyeshadow and use a tiny portion with your fingertips and apply it on your cheekbones( outer area of your face under the eye).All these products make you look radiant-any bronzing product makes you look healthier.
  3. Try a little concealer if you have dark circles under your eyes. I also use foundation and loose powder on my lids even if I'm not going to wear any eyeshadow or eyeliner. It covers up the veins and just brightens up my eyes.

    A beige or light cream colored eyeshadow works great too.

    Bronzer or blush...and drink your water to stay hydrated! :heart:
  4. Apply mascara and curl your lashes as much as possible with the brush while it's drying, that will lift your eyes - make sure you have the fruitiest lip colour for your complexion, and finally keep hot, hot hot thoughts in your head and your eyes will naturally shine, and any creases or eyebags will look sophisticated and mature rather than seedy.;)

    Good luck keeping yourself, yourself!:wlae:

    Cx :smile: