Camouflage in your wardrobe, do you wear any

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  1. I just bought a North Face vest in camouflage.
    Very out of character for me. I'm not a hunter nor do I have any involvement in the military.
    But I was drawn to have it, maybe I have enough black jackets.

    Anyone else have camouflage in the wardrobe.
    I was reading it's good to pair with white.
  2. Yes! I love camo! Shoes, tops, pants, and a sweater.... When done right, it doesn't look military or like hunter's clothing. I am a total sucker for camo print but am selective about what I buy and how I wear it. A little goes a long way and I have to love the print, colors, and fabric.

    I had to stop myself from buying a pair of camo cargo sweats at Victoria's Secret this weekend. They had olive tone and white/grey - soooo tempting!

    Just bought a pair of red camo Rothy's loafers this morning.
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  3. I think any sort of print can walk the line between stylish and tacky: leopard print, florals and camo. It depends on the context; the outfit itself.
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  4. I was looking at myself in the camo vest, and I do like the green as it brings out my eyes.
  5. I have 4 camo jackets and 3 pants so I love this pattern, and I'm not a pattern girl. I think it's a nice match to neutrals and not too girly.
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  6. Camo is very ‘in’ right now in NY. I own camo pants, camo T’s, camo bags and a camo shoes. However, not all camo prints are created equal - some are very stylish while others (the ones with the sticks and brown/ orange) can be tacky.
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  7. I just learned there's some different kind of camo out there.
    Woodland, Hunter, .....
  8. I have a couple of jacquard camouflage pants but I’m not a huge fan of printed patterns. I feel the weaving elevates the look.
  9. I like camo prints, cute and popular right now. I have an older camo T-shirt and a tank top with a camo accent, I've started wearing them again more since the recent trend (not that I care that much if something is trendy, but seeing camo all over made me want camo more than usual). The only new camo thing I've gotten is a pair of skinny jeans I found on sale. I would definitely buy more pieces if I found ones I like.
  10. I have a camo midi skirt from uniqlo of all places that I bought a couple years back because it was on sale. I wear it with simple solid tops & don't find it hard to pull off. It's a darker camo palette that helps to make it more subtle though.

    I personally have always found it easier to pull off patterns on the lower half than on the upper torso (e.g. t-shirts) but that's completely just me!
  11. The only camo clothes I have are work issue.
    I used to have some camo workout clothes, but I don’t really wear them anymore.
    my kids have lots of it though lol.
  12. I can't remember the last time I wore my camo.....hmd
  13. Where I live, camo is for hunters and military and for some reason little kids. Kindergarten boys love camo! It’s also popular with paint ballers. I had a camo purse years ago (Kate Spade circa 2000) and I bought a few camo stoles years ago which I wear on camo theme days at work. The Mossy Oak theme is very popular for nurseries too :smile: