Camo Olive Opinion Needed

  1. So I have this Camo Olive Mamma Mia that I've had sitting on sale for a while with no real interest in it and all of a sudden people have started to really take an interest in it these past two weeks. I wasn't expecting it and now I'm having second thoughts. Plus I put it up a few months ago when the Camo Olive supply was fairly high still and so I haven't really changed my asking price ($110 shipped) Is that still okay considering the rising price of the Camo print on eBay? I don't like going over retail but at the same time I don't want to feel jipped since it happens to me quite often :sweatdrop: and I only realize afterward lol... my bf gets on my case because I'm sometimes too nice to people I sell to :lol:

    The thing is I need money but I still want to have something in Camo Olive just smaller. I've been looking at the prices of the Camo Olive items and they just seem to be going higher... Another thing is the smaller items are starting to cost just as much as the larger items did a little while back which makes me feel at a loss if I sell it but then again I'm not using you think I should pull the bag or sell it and buy one later on when I'm more financially sound even if it'll cost more?

    On a side note... has anyone seen a camo olive caramella or dolce for sale... if I could find one of those I'd part w/ my mamma mia for sure but right now the camo prints have started to dry up on eBay :sweatdrop: I haven't checked craigslist tho...

    and I just want to say being poor sucks! :tdown:
  2. Maybe you could post on the shoptokidoki thing on LJ abouttt... trading + money or something like that~
  3. lol... it is on shoptokidoki... I'm just debating pulling it, increasing the price, and/or selling it as is. I guess I'm kind of worried I won't find another Camo Olive that I want for the price I want :shrugs: I just want other people's opinions on the matter :biggrin:
  4. Oh it is? haha, I haven't checked LJ yet, so I haven't seen the updates :p Yeah... I haven't seen a whole lot of CO... and the stuff I have been seeing on eBay and stuff is going pretty fast~
  5. yeah... a few months ago when I first put up the camo olive bag the outlets still had a few bags left and eBay wasn't going all that high for camo prints... now the camo olive denaro is already above retail before shipping and the only other bags on there are kinda high also (minus the buon viaggio listed today) :hrmm: it just makes me wonder if it's a smart thing to do to let it go before I find something else I want instead

    I really want a dolce tho or a caramella but I missed the last caramella that was on LJ :sad: I have the camo black in a carmellina and angioletto also... I just want something smaller than a mamma mia basically :lol: I don't use these tote bags that often
  6. hehe, i thought your asking price was a bit low.. since mamma mia's are so sought after nowadays.. but then again you always have reasonable prices :biggrin:

    i want a mamma mia, but the right one. debating getting one in adios star since i can't pick the placement. :smile:
  7. lol... yeah I should've been keeping up w/ the prices and I feel kind of bad now that I have people that really want it :hrmm: back when I listed it the outlets still had several camo olive mamma mias at $65 + shipping. I wasn't expecting to sell it but I was just keeping it out there in case I could so it wasn't low a couple months ago... now it's considered low and I really would rather find another camo olive before I sell it :sweatdrop:
  8. tehlilone can you please check your LJ post? : )
  9. maybe you can just put it up for trade :smile:

    i like trading.. i don't feel like i have too many bags that way.