camo denaro opinion wanted.

  1. Okay, so all of you know I have to have matching denaro's for all my bags. Haha. I have the olive Camo bella bella and am wondering if I should try to get a black or olive denaro. To really, really match the olive one would be the obvious choice... but I figure since they're both "camo" the black one would be fine and match too and then I'd have a little bit more variety.

    Both are extremely hard to find nowadays and I'm watching a couple on e-bay right now, but just wondering what you guys think... I haven't made up my mind yet on if I want to match-match or half-match. Hahah.

  2. I think if you are going to pay retail or over retail ( wich seems to happen alot on eBay) might as well match-match and get the olive. Thats what I would do. If you find a really good deal in the black then go with that :smile:
  3. I don't think I'd find a "deal" with either the black or olive camo denaro... The few on e-bay right now are already over retail... And I'm only willing to do that because I got the bella bella at half off.

    I wish I could find one at under retail!!!
  4. i suggest u to get the black cammo so u get more variety but still can be matched with the olive cammo.
  5. Hi,

    This is actually my first post. I don't have a lot of toki, but I do own 2 camo denaro's one in black and one in olive. I have only used the olive. I think you will really like the way it matches your bag. The black is adorable too, but I think the olive is a good choice.
  6. I agree :biggrin: I say just try looking for a olive cammo first cuz you like it matching..but consider the black cammo if you saw a never know ;)

    I just saw a black cammo denaro BIN 64.99 which I believe our tpfer nason?? bought it :biggrin:
  7. Maya - If the blk camo is easier to find than the olive camo denaro, then I think the blk one is good. It still matches your olive camo bella bella! :biggrin:
  8. either way its still cammo! :lol:
  9. Yeah, I'd go for the match-match, too. I'm weird and everything has to be exactly the same haha... but if you have a camo black that is less priced, maybe go with that? Mm, it all depends on if you want the look of complete matchyness or not~
  10. And see, I prefer things to NOT be the same! I've been using my OP denaro. But the other day I wanted to use my OP Bella Bella. So I switched to my Amore Denaro so they would be *different*
  11. Guilty!! :busted I bought the denaro & now I'm on a :ban:until my Tutti Zucca comes in time for my birthday :okay:
  12. :lol: congrats! i saw lattes on the denaro cute!!

    I dont match my wallet with my bag lol...Im using a paradiso denaro with my foresta ciao :lol:
  13. I would try and get the match match---you dont have to get it right away, you could wait till the price goes down on eBay!
  14. If prices EVER go down! *lol* Seems they'll just keep rising because they're hard to find... The one on e-bay right now is already $75 without shipping!

    I had been debating on that BIN $65 black Camo denaro and had it on my watchlist for at least a week... but just couldn't decide! Congrats, nason!
  15. Thanks! I actually bought it to match my black camo BB, I thought the darker color might stain less... my Adios Star Denaro is :yucky: