Cammeo or Nero in this Matelasse Clutch/Crossbody?


Which Matelasse color to pick?

  1. Cammeo (beige/nude)

  2. Nero (black)

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  1. Hi all,

    I have fallen in love with this bag but am having a hard time choosing a color! Both are neutral so should be easy matching with outfits, etc. Obviously, black will be super easy to maintain... But the beige (Cammeo) is also really nice... I am mainly concerned with durability. Anyone have any concerns with light coloured matelasse? Also, does anyone find that the Cammeo is limited to spring/summer or would all-year round use be okay as well?

    I have attached 2 photos of the Cammeo (in different lighting) and 1 of the black.

    Any suggestions/input are appreciated!

    Thank you :smile:
    image1.JPG image2.JPG image6.JPG
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  2. I had a black Miu Miu coffer, I really liked it and used it for a few months. But I remember regretting not getting the blush color instead. If you already have another black bag, I would go for the Beige. I find it so refreshing to see a bright pop of color in my bag collection. I tend to wear a lot of cool neutrals (black, grey, etc), so I'd definitely recommend a warm color if you dress that way, too.
  3. I vote for blush! much easier to match to different colors (more seasons!). Black comes across more serious?
  4. Thank you taho and DYH for your responses! They are very helpful. I also am leaning towards the Cammeo (beige/blush). Main thing I am concerned about is upkeep of the lighter colored leather.
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  5. my experience with light color leather bags is that you really have to abuse it to get it super dirty. Use it with caution - don't put it on the floor, don't get pen mark on it, don't wear it on raining days, put it back into the dust bag when you are done - it should last you quite a while..
  6. Thanks DYH! Unfortunately I live in a city where it rains (almost) constantly. But I think I am still going to choose the Cammeo! Seems to be a bit more unique than just black :smile: Thank you for your input!!
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  7. I have both blush and black Miu miu bags and love both options, but for this style I prefer the Cammeo colour as the matelasee quilting is more visible :smile::heart:
  8. I prefer the black one. It's already textured for visual interest, and the black makes it an every situation bag.
  9. Thank you dotty8 and Icing_Time for your input :smile: I will be ordering this week and can't wait to share it with you when it arrives!
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  10. Introducing my new matelasse clutch in cammeo! IMG_7434.JPG IMG_7435.JPG IMG_7437.JPG IMG_7438.JPG
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  11. Congratulations, it's so pretty! What made you to choose this color?
  12. Hi sunnymedina, I was choosing between Cammeo and black. Black is classic but seems so boring! So I decided to go with the Cammeo and I love it!
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  13. I also think that Cammeo is better choice :smile:
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