Camille Vost -- the next Polene?


Sep 21, 2014
Have just started to see Camille Vost bags being featured in French magazines, most recently the November issue of Elle Decoration (France) but also L'Officiel and Marie Claire. Camille has worked for several designers, including DVF, before hanging out her own shingle. Like Polene, she has just one store (in Paris 75008) although they are also sold a small number of boutiques in Europe and one in Japan.

The bags are attractive and (from what I could glean) made in Portugal and can be easily personalized through your choice of flaps and straps as well as bag colors and materials. (the one thing that seems odd to me is that they look larger than the stated dimensions -- their models must be very petite!). Note: I think they are made in Portugal after first being made in Italy, but they seem cagey about including origin of manufacture on their website.

As a French brand now gaining traction, it made me think of Polene's early days.