Cami Secret: As seen on Tv!

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  1. I got my Cami Secret at Walmart and I love them... It is very hot where I live and wearing two shirts is unbearable. This thing hooks to your bra straps and prevents everyone from seeing your cleavage. It is wonderful for wrap shirts and dresses.

    *Note: I heard that if you order from As Seen on Tv website, they rip you off and they have had many complaints.**
  2. hmmm...might need to get me one of those.
  3. Sounds useful. I need to check it out.
  4. This is great! I always use camis but they end up bunching up. I'll have to grab these - thanks for the tip!
  5. Here is what the Cami Secret looks like! I think you can only buy the other color ones on their website. I got the black, white, beige one at Walmart. This will be great during the hot humid summer months. :yahoo: You really can't use them very well with a wider straped bra...

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  6. you can also find these at macy's. the brand is "fashion forms"
  7. ^Do they have them in other colors at Macy's??
  8. gonna check it out at Walmart! thanks for this info..
  9. I saw these and I really want to try them out. I am, shall we say, busty, and I think they would really help with some of my shirts. My only concern is that my bra straps are a bit wide.
  10. I got mine at Rite Aid (I didn't want to order through the website either). I wish they'd put the other colors in stores, and some without the lace at the top.
  11. ^Someone said that Macys has a their own version. Maybe those have color and no lace. I haven't had time to get to Macys yet..
  12. Thank you kcf68. I'm not familiar with the Cami Secret but it looks like something that would work well in the humid months of summer where I live.
  13. Interesting, I have been wondering about those!!
  14. What a great idea! Gonna have to check those out
  15. I have been wanting to get these, but, we don't have Walmart in NY. Wonder if the Rite Aid stores here carry them?