Cameron's new nose???

  1. Personally I don't see a big improvement!

  2. I think I prefered her old nose... it had more character... but apparently she had to get it done 'cause she had breathing difficulties after breaking her nose so many times whilst surfing...
  3. Why is her face so blotchy? Is it the picture or does that really happen after facial surgery?
  4. I dont´see any difference.
  5. It's probably her acne - she has really bad skin. Poor thing.
  6. i see a slight difference but i prefer her nose before the surgery.:shrugs:
  7. looks kinda funny to me... it's not that bad, but not an improvement either.
  8. It's kind of hard to tell from that photo, maybe a photo of her straight on we would notice a bigger difference on her nose?? I do think she looks much better as a blonde though.
  9. New? It looks like the same old nose. Are we sure she had something done?

    At any rate, this is a really bad shot of her, without makeup and broken out.
  10. that's the first thing I thought of to.
  11. She got a nose job? She should have had some kind of face peel or something.... She has really bad skin.
  12. This is a really bad photo of her, we all know she can looks gorgeous, at least I think so, but I really prefer her old nose. It suited her better.
  13. Horrible picture. I'd rather wait for an official photo to come out. But I still don't like her.
  14. i cant really see it very well, but she was on the cover of a magazine this month! and she looks sooo good!!
  15. It looks the same, just like before only without the bump