Cameron's new do!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. [​IMG]
    I really really like it. It looks great on her. What do you all think?:girlsigh:
  2. I like it!!!
  3. She looks great, then again I think she always does
  4. she looks GREAT!! blonde really does suit her quirky (sp?) personality tho.. but i LOVE it anyways!
  5. It looks the same style wise, but just a different color. No?

    It looks nice, but I favor her as a blonde.
  6. I also prefer her blonde.
  7. I love it! The color of her eyes will just pop out now.
  8. Good color! Same short hair though.
  9. Those light blue eyes always look beautiful w/ dark hair! She looks great either way IMO.
  10. She always looks great!
  11. I like her with dark hair too, it does make her eyes pop out a lot!
  12. cute! But what kind of bag is she carrying? Hummm... come on bag ladies... I am very suprised nobody said anything about her bag?
  13. She looks cute. Not crazy about the bag.
  14. I agree - she looks better as a brunette.
  15. I love her new hairdo, but she looks like Ashley Simpson here...
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