Cameron, Rocking The New C L leopard-print ankle boots With Her Date

  1. I'm not loving the red wedge. I would have preferred a heel.
  2. They look strange...
  3. No, not for me, and also they don't look right with her jeans.
  4. Not my taste ... I like leopard print .... I like red .... I like a wedge heel .... but somehow altogether it doesn't work.
  5. not for me!
  6. They'd be cuter with a spiked heel or a chunky heel, but the red wedge doesn't work.
  7. Not really lovin' them, which is something I hate saying about anyting CL, but they are definitly not for me!
  8. She looks great and I love the color of her hair but the shoes I think she could of done with out!
  9. Yeah i agree. Plus, i'm thinking if they were a pointed toe i might like them. :s
  10. She probably picked them herself. Not surprise here. I remember some hideous shapeless dress she wore to Oscar three years ago, that's how bad it was.
  11. not feelin' it. she looks good though...
  12. The red Wedge just doesn't seem to go right :S
  13. lucky her, i wouldnt mind dating djimon hounsou:drool:

    im kinda ehhh about the boots suprisingly, for CL, theyre not bowling me over like they should.

    i really love the casual outfit and dark hair tho!
  14. I am definitely not feeling it with her outfit.