Cameron Nicole Handbags Sample Sale

  1. Hi all,

    I usually lurk on this board looking for great deals, but today I have one to pass along :smile: I am a reviewer on another site for childrens products and every once in a while I am fortunate enough to discover and review a really fantastic indie designer bag line - usually when a company offers a bag that works as a diaper bag. Fun but dangerous as once I see something I love, I usually find myself shopping for multiple purses from the same company. Anyway, one of the great lines I found a while back is having a sample sale. They have slashed their prices on the samples below wholesale. The line is Cameron Nicole and the site is Cameron Nicole Designs - Hello Gorgeous!

    These are some of the nicest, best quality bags I have reviewed thus far. Everything is done right, from the hardware to the linings. I am picky! If someone else does not buy them quick I am going to have a hard time resisting. This is why my husband hates my little sideline gig!

  2. What Site Reviews Childrens Products?
    Im Always Looking For Those!
  3. :smile:

    I review all kinds of stuff there and write articles for the site as well. It is a fine home for stuff obsessed mamas like myself. But I like to get out a little and find some great sales here as well. Just wish I had more time to shop!
  4. Time I've got but money is often