Cameron Diaz's grey sweater- please help

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  1. Which sweater as there are numerous outfits?
  2. I think this one:

  3. The elbow length sleeve cardigan over the white cami with the skinny jeans and the chanel ballet flats. I love how the collar is turned up and the cute fit. ANy ideas? Sorry for not being more specific in my first post. I am just learning... Thanks in advance for helping!
  4. don't know but it is super cute.
  5. I have searched everywhere.. any other places you guys can tell me to search on. I hate when I get a sweater in my head and then can't let it go!
  6. can anyone ID her jeans? they fit phenomenally
  7. that sweater is adorable, i would like to know too.

    and i also hate when you get something set in your head that you really want and you have no idea where to get it. soooo frustrating!
  8. THe esprit one is a close match, but not quite. Cam's comes done lower on her arms, while this one is more of a cap sleeve style. I saw a site that said that the esprit sweater was a "style for less" option of cam's. Thanks for posting. I am still on the hunt for the original!
  9. They look like they might be Citizens of Humanity.
  10. IT does look very similar. Do you think it is the "one?"
  11. Not the same one, but close.