Cameron Diaz's Canvas Sweet Punk Studded tote -- HELP!

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for cameron diaz's canvas studded tote. Shes been seen toting it around recently. I called all the marc jacobs store all over the country and they are sold out of the smaller one, except for the white color. They only have the larger ones left =(.

    I'm trying to look for the smaller one in a black or red. If you guys know anywhere else they sell this bag, please let me know. It's my best friend's birthday on Saturday and she says all she wants for her birthday is this bag. Shes been thru quite a year and I figured the least I could do for her this year is to find it for her. She's a nurse and helps babies all day and she deserves it. If you guys have any info, i would really appreciate it!