Cameron Diaz with Michelle Vale

  1. This weekend I checked out Michelle Vale's Trunk Show in NYC at Blue & Cream. I got to talk to her... she is super sweet and was so nice to everyone!!! Her spring collection looks incredible.. Lots of exotics (pythons) and cute metallic trim clutches like the one Cameron is wearing in this pic!!
    At the show everyone was talking about the celebrities wearing her bag and someone mentioned it was being used in the upcoming "What Happens in Vegas" movie with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.. After seeing the tralier on YouTube .. I grabbed the attached still of the bag!!! Hope you enjoy!
  2. Cute! A hot python bag is definitely necessary when macking with Ashton Kutcher-types :kiss:

    I love it when designers are down to earth and interested in talking with their customers.
  3. I completely agree!