Cameron Diaz wearing VC&A...

  1. isn't it stunning....ladies does anyone have an idea how mush does the sold gold cost but the 10 motif not the long one camerson is wearing
    cameron-diaz-tower-bridge-09.jpg cameron_diaz_300x400.jpg
  2. Oh, dear god, wouldn't I love to own that!
  3. So pretty!
  4. i know:drool: i can't stop looking at it...i need to stop:p
  5. Hot!
  6. Love those necklaces!
  7. Ok, I want this necklace so badly!!! Someone on this forum has it, the long one was like $12K if I remember well?
  8. the 20 motif mother of pearl is $8k and the 10 motif is $4k...i think the solid gold versions are slightly cheaper, but not by much.
  9. ^the turquoise one is more expensive?
  10. That is incredibly gorgeous I would have no problem snapping that baby up....ok maybe that price is a little outrageous but it sure is beautiful!
  11. OMG.. I'd love to own that !
  12. is the gold one solid gold??
  13. omg that is gorgeous!!!!!
  14. Woow it's gorgeous. Love it on her.
  15. I love this alhambra collection but so expensive