Cameron Diaz style... I love it!

  1. I :heart: her, her mile long legs, and most esp her shoes. Does anyone know who makes her bag and shoes? I know she wears a lot of Christian Louboutins.
  2. oh duh, here's her pic.
  3. I think that bag is by Marc Jacobs. It's one of the "Sweet Punk" bags. She has a few of them.
  4. She's so adorable I could just smack her.....:noggin::bagslap:
  5. She is too cute, I like that bag too.
  6. I looked up the name of the actual style. It's called the "Punk Hobo".
  7. I cant resist the urge to tell you that she loves Tano bags!

    She had her asst call Tano one day to try to hunt down a bag for her that she wanted at fred segal (someone else grabbed the last one while she was browsing.) She got on the phone and talked to Tano's designer and told him that she thought the bags were great and asked him how he comes up with all of the funny names. He said she was really sweet and giggly on the phone. Needless to say, Tano sent her the bag she wanted gratis as well as two more that she liked on their website. If only I had some pics of her carrying those bags, Im sure it would boost business lake crazy!;)
  8. How about her shoes? Aren't they just super cute? Anyone know who makes them?

  9. Her shoes are GIVENCHY!

    I actually tried them on at Barneys the other day, GORGEOUS! But the only pair they had in my size had the gold metallic rubbing off, so I passed. THEN I tried these babies on[​IMG]

    So cute, but the front woven strap was woven "under" on one shoe and "over" on the other! Another defect, but luckily they another pair in my size of that style for me to swap out with, so these are the ones I took home. My Givenchy Nightingale also has a slight defect on the handles where the embossing is crooked (it's subtle) but still, even though Givenchy is one of my favorite brands, THEY REALLY NEED TO WORK ON THERE QUALITY CONTROL! :yes: Sorry I got way off subject, I love Cam's style too, in fact that photo is what inspired me to go searching shoes in the first place!
  10. Agreed!

  11. Rach, THANK YOU! I've been searching high and low and it has been driving me nuts! thx again!

  12. Your welcome! And if you order them from Zappos and they have a defect, Zappos has an awesome return policy :tup: Hehe of course hopefully they will be in perfect shape! They make your legs look amazing! I wish the only pair they had in my size wasn't defective :push:

  13. Hey, forgot to ask, how were these Givenchy pumps, given the 4 1/2 in heel!?
  14. You mean how was the fit/feel ? I thought they were great and comfortable to walk in! Granted I only wore them around the store. But the heel is on the thicker side and fairly sturdy, and the platform makes them easier to keep your balance in. I honestly loved them, defintaley like them more than the brown gladiator style wedge I took home, even though the brown pair will probably get more wear. If it werent for the very obvious rubbing on the one pair THEY WOULD BE MINE NOW :yes: Let me know if you get them!
  15. I love her style in clothes, shoes and jewelry. she always looks stylish without looking like she spent alot of time getting ready. But then again, how can you go wrong with her face and body. Plus, being able to afford all the stuff you want.