Cameron Diaz mahala color?

  1. Hey guys, I was flipping through the pics in the celebs w/ jimmy choo thread and loved the mahala Cameron Diaz has. It really looks like navy blue to me for some reason but is it just black? The lighting of the pic might be affecting my sight but yea, does the mahala even come in navy blue? thanks!
    Cameron Diaz2.jpg
  2. I think hers was black. I don't think it came in navy.
  3. I think is the purple
  4. I like this one and the green one Kate Hudson had :love:
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  6. I am pretty sure it was the black. They did not come in Navy and there is a purple crocodile this year, but the leather in the photo is too smooth to be the purple crocodile.
  7. Robyn ...
    is there a purple shiny soft leather out that's not crocodile?

  8. Not to my knowledge. I did look in the Fall/Winter book and there are some shades of purple that could be considered shiny, but they are snakeskins, so unless they are releasing more items that are not shown in the book, I would imagine it is black w/ the lighting hitting it just right to give off a different shade in the photo.
  9. Hi Everyone

    I was told by my store assistant that navy existed but has sold out so it could be a navy colour. It's beautiful - I have them calling around to see if they can find one for me.

  10. If you look on the Choo website there is a shiny leather purple Mahala available in addition to the purple croc. Neither of these was available when that pic of Cameron was taken though. I think she's holding the black, but it looks strange because of the flash from the cameras.