Cameron Diaz Big Bag: which brand is this??

  1. Hi, I've just seen this Cameron Diaz bag and fell in love with it.Could you tell which brand is it?Thanks so much!

  2. looks a little like devi kroell, but the strap looks a bit different than her usual.
  3. that isn't cameron diaz:hrmm:
  4. wheres carmeron?
  5. I cant see the bag, and she looks like Lindsay Lohan :smile:
  6. :confused1: what bag?
  7. that's Lindsay Lohan with NO
  8. Definitely not Cameron. hehe. And the bag can hardly be seen in the pic.
  9. yea haha i dont get this one, not cameron and i dont see a bag at all..... kinda looks like shes walking a dog? on a white leash? is that part of the bag? im confused :confused1: :confused1:
  10. I'm confused too. Looks like Lindsey Lohan with TONS of makeup and pajamas. No bag to be seen!
  11. She might have posted the wrong pics by mistake I guess.
  12. huh???
  13. lol ive only just got up, its too early to be confused
  14. LOL I dont see a bag but it appears Lindsay may be wearing some Gucci pumps. :rolleyes:
  15. I can barely make out the bag. It's tucked underneath her arm and it blends in with the folds of her pajamas.
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