Cameras inside fitting rooms?!?

  1. I know for a fact that there are hidden cameras inside the employees' changing rooms at a really upscale exclusive department store in NYC, and that loss prevention people like to print several pictures and hang them around the security room. Real nice.
  2. I knew that there were cameras inside fitting rooms, though thinking bout it now kind of freaks me out. I barely try stuff on anyway since I know my size, unless it's jeans or a bra.. but now I don't think I'll use the fitting rooms anymore.
  3. Shut the front door! Oh my!

    I'm liking the cami and leggings idea. And for some us smaller breasted ladies that forego bras...let's just say some security guard has gotten quite the show.

    Sadly I dance in the dressing room sometimes, if the music is bumpin...Jeeez
  4. im pretty sure its illegal to record anyone without posting a warning. in fact, that im sure of!
  5. I'd be so creeped out if they were watching me every time in the Saks fitting rooms.... sometimes I don't wear a bra! I can atleast say I know for certain they don't use cameras in the individual fitting rooms at bebe because I worked there.
  6. Exactly!

  7. also thought that security cameras were not allowed in fitting rooms:nuts:
  8. Macy's does have signs posted, but there are NO cameras allowed IN the fitting room. And I'm in Illinois, which isn't on that list.

    Those "monitered by female security" mean that they WILL follow you into the rooms, go into the next fitting room over, eavesdrop, go into your fitting room when you leave and count the hangers and check for ripped tags, sensors, etc.

    Many SA's will tell you otherwise (ie - why YES, there ARE cameras in the fitting rooms!), because no matter how good of a customer you are, if you are asking about security and cameras it raises a red flag. No customer needs to know where the cameras are, we are trained to notice things like that and call our LP teams when it happens.

    Many places have gotten busted for placing cameras behind mirrors... it isn't legal, as far as I know.
  9. I saw the general security cameras over the fitting rooms at Target one time and called the local police to ask about it. Haven't noticed the cameras anymore - at least visable cameras.

    Next time you try stuff on, look around and above for cameras. I do not think it is legal (IN the dressing room) and if they do, they would have to let you know ahead of time, I would think. Female or not, it still is an invasion of privacy. Do they have it on tape?, who's in the monitoring room?, who has access to the tapes?, how trust worthy are the employees? etc. etc etc.
    And these days, what does being female have anything to do with anything?

    I thought the whole point of dressing room attendants keeping track of how many items you take in and bring out is supposed to take care of theft?
  10. Does anyone have more info on this two way mirror issue?? Horrible!
  11. one thing i think about is how at old navy, there is no roof over the dressing rooms. and if you look out onto the ceiling, you can see the light fixtures and the black globes that typically have the cameras. i think that is old navys way of getting around the *no camera's in fitting room* rule
  12. Is it Legal to Monitor a Dressing Room?

    The legaility of cameras in dressing rooms depends on what state the store is located in. In some states, it is perfectly legal to monitor the dressing room of a retail store by camera or two way mirror. In other states, the practice is banned outright. Many states have taken a middle ground approach, by allowing surveillance, but requiring that the store post conspicuous notices to inform consumers that they are being monitored.

    In every state, video monitoring for purposes other than theft prevention is illegal. Such conduct could fall under laws prohibiting voyeurism, which is the act of observing unsuspecting individuals, usually strangers, who may be naked or disrobing, for the purpose of seeking sexual excitement.

    I Have Been Videotaped in a Dressing Room - Should I Contact a Lawyer?

    If you suspect that you have been videotaped for purposes other than theft deterrence, you should contact a lawyer immediately, because this is never legal. Even if you have been videotaped for theft deterrent purposes, you may want to contact a lawyer because in some states, taping is illegal even for this purpose.
  13. So is there someone watching BEHIND the mirror like in police interrogation rooms or is it a video camera?? I am so frazzled I never want to shop again!
  14. usually, it's on a monitor (because that get's recorded in cases of theft). But sometimes there is the monitor AND someone watching.. Just depends on the store
  15. Even if the person working in the store is your mother? They are even watching employees in the fitting rooms because they go there to talk on their cells, or to take a break. come on now. i can see the cameras with my own eyes