Camera question: anyone have a Casio X770?

  1. I bought this camera a couple months ago and while I love the pictures that it takes (outdoor shots, group picturs) I am having the hardest time with closeups! I've selected auto-focus but it doesn't seem to work. Then when I have to use the macro function (flower) it still looks fuzzy.....

    *sniff sniff* What am I doing wrong? :sad:
  2. I have no clue. I am not camera savvy but maybe others can help sorry and good luck!
  3. are you holding the camera far enough away from the object? at first i wasn't....when i wanted a close up i moved the camera closer instead of using the zoom. make sure you hold it at normal picture taking length then use the zoom feature to zoom in. also did you make sure that you press the picture taking button halfway down first to focus the image? as well as make sure the flash is on auto and antishake is on? hopefully that will help. good luck!
  4. ilzabet, so if you hold the camera far away and use zoom, are you still in macro mode for that?

    I do try to hold down the button halfway and my IS is's just so hard with the Casio to take closeup...:sad: