Camera for selling on ebay


Aug 31, 2006
One of these days I know I'm going to sell a couple designer bags on ebay. The problem is, is that I have a terrible digicam that doesn't reflect the true quality/color saturation of the pictures it takes and it blurs when I get too close to an item. What camera do you recommend for taking high-quality pictures? What's the minimum MP (megapixels)?
You can get very good photos with a camera that has just 3 megapixels since the file size of the photo you will be putting on the web is small. But to do clear close shots of brand names, logos, etc., it really helps to use a camera that has a "macro" setting or lens. Photographers use "macro" for pictures of small insects, for example. Be sure to hold the camers steady to prevent blur.
sometimes try flash and no flash, also notice the room lighting or open the window a bit to get some sun light in. that helps too! ;]

macro is a must too like merrydish said.

just mess around with ur settings and notice the difference.