Camera Case for Canon SD900 digital camera

  1. I have read that Canon has teamed up with Coach for their new camera SD900 to celebrate their 10th anniversary, due to release end of October as a gift set. This Coach camera case is similar to the SD550, I think. Has anyone seen it? Thanks !:smile:
  2. I certainly cant wait to see it!!
  3. I've googled it and found a few different things, I wonder which it is!


    I bet it's this one though:

  4. That was fast Sprinkles, do you know where I can buy one ?
  5. i like the camera pouch, i wonder if it comes in more colours.
  6. Most likely through Canon :smile: I know you won't be able to get it through Coach :smile:

  7. Oooh I would like that top one for my SD450, when I am not using my LV Wapity. Ooooh A girl can dream!
  8. The skymall magazine always used to have one like the second one shown....sold in a kit with the camera.

    I've never seen the first....
  9. I know at one time too you could buy the second one in a kit on Amazon with other accessories (wrist strap, etc)
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