Camera bags

  1. I know some of you have mentioned wanting a cute bag for your digital cameras, and these popped up on Gizmodo today:

    They look like they'd coordinate nicely with most bags, and have some decent security features. Too bad my hulking mass of a digicam is too big for one of these. :sad:
  2. Those are cute!

    I have one of those sleek, tiny cameras (just a little bigger than my Razr!), so I use a Coach wristlet - it never gets banged up in there, but if you're worried about that, I've put padding around it before. I also recommend the Coach medium beauty bag for bigger cameras.

    I know a lot of the ladies here use their LV wapity as a camera bag, which is also a FAB idea.
  3. I use a Coach wristlet too. Some of their bigger ones are great if you have a wider camera. But those are really cute camera bags, though!