Camera bag: Prada or YSL?

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Prada or YSL Camera bag?

Poll closed Jun 22, 2019.
  1. Prada Diagramme leather cross-body bag in grey/brown colour

  2. YSL Lou Camera Bag in Powder colour

  1. BF6C1C2C-D017-439E-BB26-5217098BA723.jpeg 58058EAF-36FE-4465-AFA7-4C92BDDA69EC.jpeg Hi fellow TPFs! I am having difficulty deciding on which bag to buy. I like to add a camera bag style to my collection and am in love with both the Prada Diagramme and the YSL Lou camera bag. Can I ask for your opinions? What are the pros and cons (if any)? Thanks for helping me decide.
  2. The YSL looks nicer than the Prada in my opinion.
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  3. AF20349A-FDB8-4E27-9C58-D293F4E1DBD2.jpeg AE224455-6A3F-42EC-A54D-74D8D4FF427B.jpeg Hi fellow TPFs! I am going to add a camera style bag to my collection, but I cannot decide between the YSL Lou camera bag and the Prada Diagramme leather cross-body bag. Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks! I am leaning towards YSL too, that’s why it’s really difficult.
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  5. I think the grey/brown color of the Prada crossbody is very nice, neutral but definitely not boring. So I'm gonna say Prada. But all in all, I think they're both great.
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  6. My vote goes to the Prada. I think it rocks :coolio: looks fresher. The YSL looks a bit older and classic, though very nice as well. Although I don’t like tassels.

    I’d like to add the LV new wave camera bag :biggrin:
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  7. I own the prada bag and sadly I cant wear it crossbody because the chain is on the shorter side, resulting in the bag to sit too high. But on the shoulder the length is perfect. It looks like the YSL strap is longer so how you want to wear it might help with the decision.
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  8. Obviously on this forum you’ll get more votes for the ysl one . But beyond that, imho, I just think the color and the look and the logo of the ysl version is just classier. The Prada reminds me too much of a Coach camera bag. Not sure who copied who but just the full name logo with the quilting going in all directions just doesn’t look very refined to me.

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  9. YSL overall looks better in my opinion.
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  10. Definitely the YSL. Looks more luxurious, classy and classic. I don’t like the Prada one at all, looks cheap and like a Gucci Marmont bag copy.
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  11. Oh...I didn’t know about this. Thanks for highlighting this important fact to me. Honestly, I am also leaning more towards the YSL.
  12. Great! Thanks for your advice. I am really considering the YSL now.
  13. I have the YSL Lou in hot pink, and have really enjoyed it this summer, so that is my vote!
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