Camera Bag... Please Recommend...

  1. i have a canon D20 and i love it to bits...
    however, i dread going out with its ugly, bulky bag... (it's a big camera)... those camera bags just scream "i am a tourist please come rob me"... :Push: so i am wondering if anyone knows of a fashionable or cute or hip enough bag that can offer my camera support while don't make me look like a tourist? TIA!!! :idea:
  2. how big is your camera?
    chloe has some great camera bags, but it's quite expensive :crybaby:
  3. How many lenses and what ones are you going to have with you? External flash? It is digital, so you won't need film, but will you have a card reader, extra cards, cables, extra bats?

    If you took the lens off, and used caps, of course, you would be able to get it a smaller bag , but then you have to put it back together, plus there is always the dust issue. I don't know what to tell you!

    I love a designer bag, but for my cameras, it is a pro case.

    I also attached a pic of the camera.

    Let me know how it turns out/what you pic!
  4. seahorseinstripes... check out the picture posted by BEn... about that size... :yes:

    BEn, i generally carry it with a lens much like the one you have in the picture because i don't want to deal with dust and stuff... it is a digital... and i try to pack light when i go out... so no external flash or cables... ;)
  5. Monica Botkier was a photographer and specifically designed the Botkier Trigger so that she could carry her camera around in style. I bought the trigger as I have an Canon rebel (plus lenses). It's the ideal camera bag for me.
  6. I think Louis Vuitton has a line of camera bags. I love the chloe bag, I'd probably use it as a purse though.
  7. thanks for all the suggestions!

    Rose: that Monica Botkier bag is SO cute! love it... where can i get more information on it??

    betnyp: that's also a very nice bag... thanks for the tip!

    there is?? which line is it? could you point me to it? thanks!

  8. I got mine from Bergdorf Goodman. I think it can be ordered online ( It's the Medium Trigger. I have also ordered it in other colors from and Neiman Marcus also has them. Best of luck:heart:

    ...and I think Barney's had them too!