Camera Bag or similar style

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  1. Good afternoon all!

    Does ANYONE know of any Saks, NM, BG or other store that has the large/jumbo reissue camera bag on sale? I know that BG had an unexplainable 40% reduction on the medium but I do believe the vast majority of us missed out...

    I know that certain eBay-ers have listed them but I'd really rather not pursue the online reseller route...

    I'm VERY aggressive about purchasing this bag or similar style (though not at full price) so please please please PM if you have information! I'm limited to the NYC area and unfortunately, the Saks and Bloomingdales here don't have much (the last time I checked).

    Thanks all and hope everyone gets an item from their wishlist!
  2. So I don't think anyone else had them on sale and normally Nordies would match but since BG is sold out, they aren't willing to do so at this time. You could do as another member did and email harrods- with the current weakness in the pound and the VAT refund, it can be like getting 40% off. If you search in the main chanel section there is a thread about who she contacted.
    Otherwise, you might just have to stalk the stores until the next sale season.