Camera Bag - Medium or Large?

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  1. Hello fellow tPF-ers,

    I'm having a hard time deciding between a medium black metallic with black hardware and a large dark silver metallic. Not concerned about the color as much as the size. I better decide quick, before I lose both! Opinions/pictures welcome!:nuts:

  2. I personally prefer black but in large I might not be offering much help lol
    Btw, are u purchasing the camera bag from NM? My sister's looking for a camera bag from the sale and she's not picky about the color or size, so whatever u decide on can you please PM and let me know so my sister can purchase the other one? Thank Youuuu.
  3. Thanks for your input! I'm not buying this one from NM, they don't have them. Good luck to your sister!
  4. i have large and it's the best! good luck!
  5. I like my large one better!
  6. Thanks! Congrats on your pending addition!
  7. How long have you had it? I read somewhere that it doesn't hold its shape.
  8. The Large one ! :smile:

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  9. I have a medium metallic black with black chain. I love it. It's quite roomy and perfect for everyday use.
  10. Do you have pics? :biggrin:
  11. I have the large matte grey and love it too! It does become slouchy with use but I don't mind it on this style of bag. Good luck deciding!
  12. Sorry, I don't have any pics at work...
    If you are petite, (I'm only 5' 2"-3") It's a great size.
  13. I am petite, and that's why I'm torn. But I am used to large bags.
  14. Here are some modeling pictures of my medium. I am 5'0 :peace:
  15. Love it! Thanks. Is there more than one size medium? I've seen a few posted with dimensions 10 X 6 X 3, and I believe the small is smaller than that.