Camera bag: Large or Med??

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  1. Hello,
    I am considering purchasing the chanel camera bag but am undecided on the size. I usually carry a lot since I have a 2 year old. What do you think?
  2. For me , I would take into consideration what other bags I have - if you already have a lot of big bags/tote, a medium would be good. But if you are planning to use it for a daily bag, the large is much better esp if you have to put your 2 year old's stuff in it as well. If you have a chance, go try it on.
  3. I'd say the large. The medium is nice but a tad on the small side. Just a tad.
  4. I saw both irl at a boutique the other day and I say the large, hands down. I have a 23 month old and if I was getting a camera case no way could the medium hold all I need to carry.
  5. Large it is! I plan on using it daily!
  6. I think the large one is better as a casual everyday bag.
  7. I agree large seems better - post pictures.:smile:
  8. I tried both sizes and was also considering which size to get. However, i set my mind on medium as it looks perfectly nice for an evening bag as the jumbo can look a bit too casual somehow but gd for everyday use. Decision lies on you whether wat u use her for.
  9. pics anyone?
  10. I got the large size. The medium seems too small for me, especially if you have a little one.
  11. I am considering this bag as well. Does anyone own this bag that could post pics. Is this bag not as popular?
  12. I will go for the medium as the large looks a little too big on me. Also depends on yr height...
  13. Large - good for everyday casual use. I don't have a kid but I still need the large one... :-p
  14. Med. It's about the dimension of reissue 226 but thicker. It can hold a lot of stuff than you assumed due to the shape of it.