Camera bag discontinued what now

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  1. I sadly had to face the fact that the camera bag has been discontinued recently. Both colors in rose ballerine and amarante are gone. I spoke to my SA Marie and she couldn’t find one in Europe. I was looking for the amarante one as she us smaller than the pochette Accessories NM but bigger than the mini pochette to hold my phone, keys, tissues, lipstick and sunglasses. The dimensions where 18cm x 12cm x 4cm. Is there a new mini purse/pouch on the way ?
  2. I think the replacement is the Saintogne, but it I quite more expensive. I’m seriously looking at “ gasp” the Gucci Disco in black
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  3. Oh wow I just bought one in Vegas. I don't use it as a camera bag however. I use it as a purse when I go out in the evenings.
  4. Lucky you - congratulations to that beautiful bag. I would use it the same way
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  5. Check out the Saintonge or the Santa Monica. I have a Saintonge and love it.
  6. I also thought the Santa Monica was basically the same bag, no?
  7. I know - but the price tag over here is almost double (annoying)
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  8. A bit bigger and with vachetta ... and the price tag is almost double over here
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  9. That's true about the price...sigh
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  10. SMALL LV.jpg
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  11. Yes, I'd agree. The sizing is basically the same. The SM is vernis and the Saintonge is not.
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    There is the new camera bag coming out in the wave collection. IMO it's the best from that collection. The bottom isn't shaped like a person's backside, so it's got that going for it.

    There are pics now posted and pricing in the LV SS 2019 thread. Page 86 I think.
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  13. Try the mini Alma.Might be a good alternative.
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  14. HA HA HA I was thinking the same thing when I saw it to!!!!!!
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