Camels, and Camels vs. Noce

  1. Hello all -
    I wanted to see if any of you snatched any of the Camel beauties. If so, how would you compare them to the Noce in terms of how you like them?

    I'm debating between a large Camel or a large Noce veneta.
  2. There is also a yellow called Luce (don't know if it is made for venetas, though). I think the Noce will be more durable, but all 3 colors are nice.
  3. I have the Camel Campana which is a pale caramel colour. Noce is like hazelnut/tan. Both colours are lovely. I went for the Camel as I found the subdue colour works better for my wardrobe and work environment. Imo, Noce is more edgy casual. I guess it really depends on your preference, colour scheme etc. Noce is a classic colour whilst I think Camel is seasonal (though I vaguely recall someone saying it might replace Noce).
  4. I have the camel campana too and love how it pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe. Easy to match and I think the color is versatile. Noce is a little too deep for me and if I want a darker shade, i would go for the ebano. I asked my SA if the camel will go on sale at the end of the season and she said it won't. I say go try on both and compare. and remember when you get it; show us pics :smile:
  5. I agree with ms piggy, Noce is classic, somewhat more casual (esp in Veneta), whereas Camel is classy and more "fashion". As you know, I own a Noce Veneta, but after seeing Camel, I :heart: it and would get something in it in a heartbeat since I think they are totally different.