Camellia wallet or card case in blue - What does it look like?

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  1. If anyone has seen the Camellia-embossed accessories or has one, could you roughly describe the blue or post a pic?

    I've ordered something in that color, but it was a phone order and I've never seen it IRL. I'm curious as to what the color looks like, but it won't get here until next week. Could anyone advise? :smile:
  2. It's very light blue. Think of the color of salmon in relation to pink. That's the kind of pastel light color it is (but in blue haha). Sky blue is a good way of putting it.
  3. I just saw that one on Japanese magazine. Its cute. Too bad my scanner is broke. But I will try to to take pic from my digi cam. wish me luck
  4. Oh thank you Irene, that would be great!

    Isabel, how interesting! Sky blue is really pretty. I've seen a lot of pictures of grey camellia accessories floating around, and they look almost blue. Is the blue like a blue-grey at all?

    I hope I like it, don't want to sent it back to Hawaii... :smile:
  5. Sorry can't. My digi cam is 3.2MP so it won't work.. i should've bought new camera but too stingy to spend money on digi cam hehehe...

    YUpe its sky blue.. You put it in a good missisa. Good Job! :tup:
  6. its a sky blue.. no grey undertone. It's a pastel shade darker than baby blue. hopefully my sight works better than my camera :roflmfao:
  7. Thanks for trying anyway, Irene. :flowers:

    I just found these two pics belonging to tPFers (Aurora and someone else), they are both described as grey-blue. I wonder if these are the same color...

    Any advice on which one looks closest to IRL appreciated. :smile:


  8. The SA let me choose between Blue or Grey. I asked her what it looked like, and she described the Blue as a "Blue-Grey", thereby totally confusing me :noworry:
  9. ah, i'm also eyeing the compact wallet, but not sure about the fragile lamb....
  10. it looks like the top picture w/o the a baby blue with "some" grey tones. IRL, it looks baby blue. the bottom wallet has the flash on so it's almost white in the picture. i bought the camilia wallet in that color and returned it after thinking about it for a day. the lambskin is too delicate and light colored wallets get too dirty too quickly IMO. i didn't want to have to worry about the sure is purty though. you will love the color.
  11. i think the top one is more accurate with some slight grey undertones like daluu described it would be accurate. it's very pretty! i'm sure you'll LOVE it!
  12. i love this camellia line - i was going to buy their wallet in black but the SA said they only had gray left. so i ended up getting their classic quilted one. i think that blue is really cute though!!!! you should go for it :biggrin:

  13. spiralsnowman, I believe the two pictures belong to the same colour (light grey), the 2nd picture is mine and looking back at it, it does look washed out, but that's not how it looks IRL. When the camelia wallets came out, I know there was dark grey and light grey. The ones here are light grey. The dark grey is the one calisnoopy has.
    I'll give you the style no. on my box anyway if it helps.

    07A A36541Y04261
    43903 (this is on the next line and description next to this is Gris Clair (27) or something like that, the words have faded and that's what I think it is. Hope that helps
  14. I saw this wallelt on the Michigan ave boutique. It was beautiful