Camellia Sunglasses

  1. I have decided that my next Chanel purchase will be the Camellia sunglasses, I'm wondering if there were lots of variations on this, if anyone had any pix and the codes I would really appreciate it if you could post them.

    Many thanks.

    *Yayyyyyyyyy 4 weeks to go for an R&R*
  2. there's 3 colors, but no add'l styles as far as I know:
    white w/ black
    black w/ white
    tortoise w/ black

    I'd still like a pair of these:yes:
  3. They are on sale for $299 at pair I have black with white flowers and grey lens. If you go to they show every color and variation of these glasses.
  4. !
  5. my friend has the pair in the tortoise with black flowers. She looks adorable in them and absolutley loves them. They ARE super cute!

    sorry for the double post y'all.
  6. I thought no one online sold auth glasses?
  7. There were a few other styles with the camellia detail as well.
    I think a pair of aviators...DH saw them at the airport...and maybe one more?

    5113 is the style code for the plastic ones with the 3 camellias on the one side and the double Cs/camellias on the other...
  8. I'm not sure if those places online sell the real deal.
    I always thought that the only place you could buy the real deal were boutiques and the department stores/opticians.

    Besides, a lot of the places online still charge as much $ as you would to buy them retail at an authorized shop.

    Anyway, 4134 and 4135 are the aviator styles.


    pilfered those images from eBay
    They also come with the grey gradient/white flower
  9. cute aviators!
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. Here's mine. I'll try to dig out the code later. Getting ready to leave but here is a quick post. PM me if you need more info.


  12. Are they known to be a reputable dealer of authentic glasses??!! :confused1:
  13. Its good to go, I have finally decided on the black with white Camellias, now I'm on a bag ban until I find my two must have bags (Square box Vintage in Black and Valentine chain), I can justify getting these for sure. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!
    Are all the lenses rounded though?
  14. yes, jbug, they are authentic. And I kicked myself later when I saw that Nordstroms charged me $400 with tax and eyesave was $299 no tax! I have ordered many sunglasses from eyesave.....they just recently got a larger selection of Chanel in.

  15. oo lala! GREAT TO KNOW!! Thanks Coldplaylover. Since there are NO STORES of any kind in my state with Chanel - I'm limited to on-line or phone shopping! (and, of course, always nervous about authenticity!)