Camellia or quilted WOC

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  1. Hiya Tpf's , need your good advice once again.
    Looking for a black WOC just for days when I need to be hands free , out & about with the children .
    I've been reading so much on here at the moment regarding lamb skin & most people loving the luxury feel .
    So I am tempted with lamb but I know Camelia only in lamb skin , but calf skin more practical .
    Your help please ! :smile: x
  2. When i was in the store 2 years ago to buy my WOC, there were only 2: Lambskin quilted and camelia .
    Camelia was so beautiful, i loved it but i thought quilted design was a classic. So i chose the quilted.

    I am sure you will be very happy whichever you choose.

    Good luck deciding!
  3. It depends on what catch your heart more.both are just as beautiful

    For me I looooovvvveeee the Camelia WOC so much. It is the most often reached for bag among my bags
  4. I don't like the quilted look at all (I know, I know classic Chanel) and I love my Camellia WOC. I've had it about 8 months now and it still looks like new and I do not baby my bags at all!

    Happy shopping :smile:
  5. I have both camellia and classic quilted and I love both! The camellia pattern is more special and the embossing hides any potential wear more easily on the flap. The corners do show a little bit of wear so it depends if you need your bag to look pristine. The quilted obviously is a more classic look. If you get the caviar, the bag is much less likely to show wear over time.
  6. The camellia woc came in patent a few seasons ago, I think on red, pink, turquoise and black. I'm sure Chanel may release them again at some point.