camellia jellies thongs sandal helpppp

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  1. hi ladies, i am lateeee as usual bout this camellia sandal hiks...i need ur kind help
    i am wondering, does this camellia sandals ever goes on sale? and how much is it? and where can i get it?

    if it never goes on sale, anybody knows where can i get the black with white camellias? size 38....please ....i only saw it on ebay and its like 450 dollars and i def dun wanna buy those thongs for450....hiks tia ladies
  2. The most popular color, the black with white flower never went on sale. I think the other colors like pink and blue may have gone on sale last year. I know NM, Saks and the boutique have these stocked right now. I'm sure you can find a 38 somewhere. I'd call around before I would buy off ebay. Oh, retail price is $345. Good luck!
  3. You might also check with (God, I can't believe I'm even recommending this place after last Saturday's trauma) the Tyson's Corner, VA boutique. I saw them in the window.
  4. thank you so much ladies, i am confuse now, i am thinkin to get the black n white but somehow i cant justify the prices hiks, so i am gonna get the camellia jellies in orange on sale, anybody can help me with this? hiks i have 2 days on hold on my local chanel for the orange n blue ones....its 360$ here.

    please help me locate the one on sale? thx u so much in advnced ladies..
  5. jmen: what happeeened with u at the tysooonn?? lemme knowww plss! hope you r ok...
  6. They aren't on sale anymore. There may have been some on sale in Nov/Dec, but I'm sure they are gone now. I don't even think this shoe went on sale at the boutiques, just at NM and maybe Nordstroms. Since most stores are just now receiving new stock for summer they won't be on sale anymore and you'll have to pay retail.
  7. make sure 38 is truly your size bc they run small.
  8. yup! i'm a 36 but had to go 1 size up.