Camellia Embossed Wallet Price - Please Help

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  1. Hi ladies, can someone tell me how much does the camellia embossed long wallet cost in US? How much do the department stores/boutiques charge for shipping?

    I saw it in a local boutique just now and it costs SGD 1,180. Still contemplating on whether should I buy it.

    I've attached a photo here.
    Thanks a lot for any information.

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  2. Hi, I asked a friend to get one for me from Europe. The color I got is black. It cost EUR450 before tax refund.

    Am just not sure whether the size is the same.
  3. I have this in black w sparkly white inside and it was $695
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    xxxxx read our rules!

    can anyone point me towards it :biggrin:
  5. ^^ just a reminder that we have a no selling/buying rule here

    if you want an item ask what store has it in stock or search the bay and hve it autheticated.
  6. any idea hw much the smaller version of the pink camelia wallet costs in sgd?
  7. Does anyone know how much the Camellia WOC costs in Europe right now? TIA ;)
  8. Hi jucia

    It's 1250 euros.

  9. Thanks!! :biggrin: