Camellia Earrings

  1. Hello, Has anyone in the NY NJ area seen these camellia earrings in either black or pink?

    camellia earrings.JPG
  2. I saw black ones at Saks, NYC last week.:yes:
  3. do those only come in the clip on version?
  4. diffinitely saw both black and pink today! in pin version but in thailand
  5. I saw the ring its beautifullllllllllll!
  6. I ordered the Black ones from Nordstrom in Seattle, but they haven't come in yet.
  7. Ohhh . cute
  8. I want these in White...where can I get them??
  9. I was told they are available in Black and Pink only. I got mine and they are bigger than I thought - about the size of a dime. - M
  10. Cute earrings...would love to get them in pink.
  11. thanks NanamiRyu I'll def have to stop by Saks tomorrow!
  12. They come in the long version also.
  13. i think they come in studs and dangling iirc