Camelia Wallet

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one style available from the Camelia wallet collection. This piece is available in dark gray or black for $545.
    Camelia Wallet.JPG
  2. Do you have pictures of the one in gray and the interior?
  3. ohh such a pretty wallet!
  4. ^^And even better IRL!
  5. Hi Chanelboy,

    It's a gorgeous wallet. Does Nordstorm Mall of America ship to Singapore? TIA!
  6. Do you also have pictures of the CC holder?

  7. oohh I didn't know it came in that style.
  8. ooooh loving the longer one too ;)

  9. this is yummy
  10. gorgeous!
  11. I love this. I'm glad it comes in the longer wallet.
  12. that is really beautiful.
  13. Like this one much better then the smaller.
  14. Ibought this wallet yesterday and it is so beautiful and the leather is sooooooo soft! I got it at the Chanel b in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It was the last one! They said that they probably won't order more. So ladies, if u like this wallet, I suggest u go buy it quick!
  15. Rodeo Drive has 2 or 3 camellia wallets right now. (I saw them around 1pm today...they have both small and large...)

    I saw gray, light blue...and I can't remember what other color...but they are darling!!