Camelia Ring

  1. I am sort of a Chanel newbie... lots of hermes and a few chanel bits and i was wondering does any of you have the camelia ring (not sure if this is right name. its the chanel flower in either onyx or a white stone set in gold , I saw Sienna Miller with one and am in love ... does anyone know it or even better own it ? What price , comfort , every day ring or more a cocktail ring...any answers would be much appreciated...:smile:
  2. I wear mine during the day and in the evening. It really is versatile like that.
    There are 2 sizes: medium (about 1 inch) and large (about 2 inches - the one Sienna was wearing). They come in black and white with either 18 karat yellow or white gold.
    If my memory serves me well, I paid for my medium one about $2,350.
  3. thank you... have you had any damage done to yours by wearing it daily or is it quite tough...?:confused1:
  4. I think I've been ripped off! I think we are talking about the same ring but I got this for $3800 equivalent! I took it off my finger and gave it to my 13 year old niece. Fortunately I think she still hasn't thrown it in the bin yet!

  5. birkin girl - no damage at all! It still looks like new! :yes:

    Bee...Bee - where did you get yours from? I got mine from the boutique. I remember the large one cost a bit more but not close to 4k :wtf:
  6. Karoline, this is one of the Chanel accessories I have been wanting for a while. I want to buy it in person however, so I can try on both black and white and see if I prefer it in yellow or white gold. I had a chance to buy it in NYC last year, but I went with the black ceramic ring to match my J12 instead.
  7. Mon, you mean the large white one? Duh nevermind, I read it wrong.
    I regret not getting the large because I like BIIIIG things:roflmfao:
    I have the white J12 and the black camelia ring - I should have thought about macthing both, like you did. :s
  8. Karoline, I have the white j12 and the black ring (not camelia). I'm going to get the Camelia ring this year, but probably the small. I remember trying them on in NY and thinking the large was too large.
  9. In BH??? :graucho:

    Like I said, I like BIIIIIG things :p The small/medium size is fine but the large is like HELLO!!!!! :nuts:
  10. Ohhh . I will be doing the bling bling.... Just need to save for a bit...!;)
  11. I adore that ring! iI always thought I would have to be careful with it... It could catch on something and I might pull the flower right off... no?
  12. Oh no, Jayne1. I haven't had this experience with my ring...and I'm clumsy:shame:
  13. I had this information written down in my office so couldn't post it this weekend, but here it is if it helps anyone:

    Chanel Camelia Cachlonj Ring
    Small = $2,500 available in white or yellow gold (style# ?)
    Large = $2,850 available in yellow gold only (style# J0088)
  14. Thanks Mon..... It is on my list to do....!!!

  15. I love those camellias. Do you how big is the small & the large? Is it Cabajon stone right?