Camelia ring

  1. I was searching the threads on TPF and noticed there were 2 versions of this? As in one that was part of the Chanel "costume jewelry" dept and one in high end jewelry dept?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this in any stores still...the "costume jewelry" version...and was it 150 USD?

    Just confirming...thanks...

    Anyone who does have it in white or black--how do you like it or is it too big and awkward that you run into things with it, etc?

  2. I saw the high end one for like 2 grand and its gorgeous IRL!!!! I'm sure the costume one would be too, its a big ring but I don't think big enough to intrude on daily life things! Well I'll be sticking around for the info on the costume one... I am totally in love with it, and at 150 if thats the price its totally worth it!
  3. Any tips on where to look for one? I love the back ring when I saw it on Hilary Duff. Its a coll ring to wear on your middle finger as a statement ring. Not sure where to look for one except ask around at the Chanel boutique.
  4. it's so cute on hilary.
  5. I'd call the chanel 1 800 number, I want one too if I find anything out I'll let you know for sure, I personally like the white one :smile:
  6. I just searched for info and I saw this little article about it from 2004, i doubt its in stores anymore, its all resin and its $249 not $150 unfortunetly :shrugs:
  7. Ohhh i've seen the fine jewelry one, GORGEOUS!!!

    the costume jewelry one wouldve been so worth it!
  8. I will look around too and let you know if I find it thanks for your help fifjibuni!!!
  9. There is a Camelia ring (costume jewelry) in the S/S2007 collection but retail is $395 + tax. I just received a call from Nordstrom Seattle that mine was finally in yesterday. It comes in two versions, cream w/brushed goldtone metal, or black w/silvertone metal.

    Before the Chanel jewelry increase the small Cachlonj ring retailed for $2,500.
  10. Thanks I will call them today - i really want the real one but cant decide on the color so i am going to try to get both in the costume jewelry - I have a J12 so I think the ring would look great on my right hand, middle finger especially with the j12 on my left hand - ok - i am thinking way too much about this!
  11. Any Chanel boutique that carries jewelry will have (or can order for you) the Cachlonj Camelia ring.
  12. thanks smoothoprtr - i will call chanel chicago today
    i was going to call them anyways as i also want the classic pearls - i will let you know what happens

    were you on the j12 thread and dont you have one in each color?
  13. Yes, I have one white and one black J12. I also had the small white Cachlonj camelia ring for about a day. I returned it because it was too big and was having second thoughts anyway. I might get one that actually fits later this year, but I want to try them on in a boutique and they don't have a boutique in San Diego.
  14. Meghan at the Chicago Chanel boutique @ 312-787-5500 can get the costume and fine jewelry rings in both black and white but the costumes are one size fits all - not adjustable in any way - i ordered them and will try but my knuckle on my right middle finger is big as I broke it a few years ago so I am not sure if they will even fit - if this does not work out - the fine jewelry camelia is available and ofcourse that can be adjusted (i really hope i dont have to go that way but we'll see)

    Call Meghan if anyone wants one!

    smoothoprtr - did you get the fine jewelry or costume one?
  15. I got the fine jewelry one. The small ring in yellow gold, but I ordered the wrong size and it just spun on my fingers.

    Here's a pic:
    CameliaRing3-2007012.jpg CameliaRing3-2007007.jpg