camelia ring wanted!

  1. I have been looking for the costom camelia ring in the white and gold color that retails for $395. I have called the 800 chanel number and there are none left, Saks didnt order them, Nordies has no more, has anyone seen this ring anywhere??? Any help would be great i love it so much!!!
  2. I just got one from the Chanel in NYC W 57th street and was told it was the last one in their system. But there is always the chance they may get more, so you could see if there is a waiting list.
  3. I order one a few weeks ago from the Chanel in Tyson's Corner. They didn't have any but were able to order one from Hawaii for me... I also saw some on eBay for close to retail...
  4. I saw one at Wynn Las Vegas a few days ago. :yes:
  5. I know that Nordstrom did not carry that particular ring, did you try Neiman Marcus??
  6. thank you everyone, I actually found one at the chanel in chicago, I am so excited, it should be here very soon, I will post pictures when it arrives with a few other goodies I have gotton recently!
  7. Actually Nordstroms did carry it because the one I bought was from Nordstrom Seattle.
  8. Woo Hoo!!!:yahoo: