Camelia ring (18K gold) - how much is it now?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm interested in the Camelia ring (the 18K gold one). Do you know how much it retails for now? I believe there are two sizes - I would be interested in the bigger flower. Also, can you tell me what the flower is made of? I know it's some kind of stone??? Or am I wrong?

    Has anyone seen this ring at Chanel in NYC recently?? Do dept stores carry them?

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Perhaps posting some pict of the ring will help :biggrin:
  3. something like this? around 3k i'd say.
  4. I would call the 800 number. good luck!
  5. Mine is the small ring and retailed for $2650 in January 2008 before the 1/15/08 increase on fine jewelry. I think the jewelry increased 10%. I don't remember if there were any other increases since then.
  6. Mon, it's gorgeous! I want one now too!!! Why did I open this thread...
  7. Mon your ring is beautiful. What is the Camelia made out of?
  8. Hi Debbie, it's Cachlonj which I understand to be some kind of Opal. However, on newer rings they are making the camelia out of some other material. I forget the stone, I want to say it starts with an M. I know there was a thread about this in the general subforum.