Camelia you get much use out of yours?

  1. I just bought the camelia cardholder in dark grey and was wondering if you guys get much use out of yours?

    I need to find a cute coin purse to go with mine if I do end up keeping/using it though, since I need something to hold coins in, etc.

    Here's pics of mine:

  2. cute
  3. I actually use mine a lot. I like big bags so a lot of things (including my wallet) tends to get lost in the sea of things that are in my large bags. So I usually put my license and credit and debit cards in the cardholder and keep it an easy to access pocket.

    It's also great when I need to switch to a small purse since my wallets are the long, big ones that don't leave much room elsewhere. I can also take the card holder and keys and leave for a quick trip to the market if need be =)
  4. I was just thinking...a camelia coin purse would be lovely...
  5. This cardholder is absolutely beautiful...too bad I have no use for card holders...
  6. When i switch to clutches or pochettes, that's the only time i use mine.
  7. I agree, a coinpurse would be superb. I have my eyes set on one from Hermés .
  8. I love the cardholder, and it's "cheap" for Chanel (compared to other things in the store), but I can't find a reason for me to use one. I loooove the camellia ligne, but I'd only go as far as getting a wallet. I'm not quite sure what I would do with a cardholder. Maybe if I was older and a professional with business cards.
  9. I use mine for my business cards, I can slide it in and out of my jean pockets no problem. Or I use it for when I have my smaller bags. So I guess I do get alot of use out of it-I have it everyday in my bag.
  10. I just got one for my birthday (from DH). It's the grey one and matches the grey e/w. It's a must for any small bag for that matter. It holds the d/l, debit bank card in it -- I'm good to go.

    I loved the camelia wallet, too, but he bought me a long black lamb wallet for Mother's Day.
  11. If I had a cardholder... I'd use if for misc... club cards, business cards, etc. For items that you don't want bulking up your wallet or free floating in your purse. I think I'm gonna have to whip out my Bal. coinpurse and use if for that now~!~ Love the Camelia.. coNgrats!
  12. I :heart: that card holder! Congrats:tup:

    In fact, I have been calling around the UK looking for one this week...better get back on the phone:graucho:
  13. is it hard to find?
  14. I use mine when my Timeless clutch and my patent double flap come out to play. I don't think they are hard to find. I think my boutique still had some.