Camel with Black Patent B-Bag Available!

  1. My SA from NM in Troy, MI just called. They received a Camel with Black patent b-bag. They only received one so she said it should go quickly. Give her a call if you are interested. (248) 635-8442.
  2. It's true. They will be continuing this design throughout Fall.
  3. Yikes! Someone better grab this one while its still there! Good luck!!
  4. Actually a whole lot will be coming in for Fall because they're continuing with it, and added on the new black-on-black. I've just checked with the HQ at Fendi Paris. This won't be the only one left.
  5. Very good to know! can't wait to see the black on black combo!
  6. does anyone know if the medium B bag has a seam on its bottom? I am trying to authenticate one on ebay. I know the large B bag DOES have a seam but not sure about medium. Can anyone help????
  7. You mean one seam? It has stitching along the diametre of the botton, but not across it.

  8. Just like the large B Bag?? Do you have a picture?
  9. Hi, I just bought the bag described in this thread from the fendi botique here in Houston (SA - Martin). It does have a seam in the bottom of the bag in the center running from anterior to posterior, not sideways (does that make sense?:smile: Sorry, I don't know how to post pics online, my hubby does, but I am desperately trying to hide this purchase from him (being that I just bought a chanel cambon bowling bag from NM a few months ago *evil grin* Hope this helps :smile: