camel vs. moutarde large veneta?


Should I get a large veneta in camel or moutarde?

  1. camel

  2. moutarde

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  1. hi everyone, so what do you think? should i get a large veneta in camel or moutarde next? :shrugs: btw, i already have a large ebano veneta.

    your opinion is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. What is your wardrobe like, would you be able to wear the moutarde with many things?
    I vote for the moutarde if you can. I think it is very fashionable
  3. hi nwpurselover, my wardrobe has many neutral colours like black, brown and cream so it's not going to be difficult to wear a bag in most colours. the moutarde is a beautiful colour and that was what drew me to it in the first place, but i was wondering if i should err on the side of caution and get a neutral like the camel instead.
  4. I love yellow bags!! But at BV prices I would pay it safe and go with camel which is a lovely neutral and would transcend more seasons. Moutarde would be as eye-catching and dramatic as carmine though, so if you have the courage, aca, do it!! :woohoo:
  5. thanks, blugenie. sigh... i love how the moutarde pops but am worried that it will fade out when next season comes.

    anyway, let's see what our fellow tpfers think. and to make things easier, here's shots of the camel and moutarde venetas, as well as a close up of the moutarde weave. thanks again.

    camel veneta.JPG moutarde veneta.jpg moutarde swatch.jpg
  6. For once I've actually seen both of these colours IRL. I vote for the moutarde - it really pops and you can always get a neutral later!
  7. I voted for moutarde too, it will look just lovely with the neutral colored clothes you say you wear, especially cream.
  8. I vote for camel because it is so classic. :love:
  9. I voted moutarde, I think that's an easy color to work into your wardrobe. The camel veneta I saw IRL looked pretty flat to me (although that could've been store lighting).
  10. I threw in my vote for the moutarde. A splash of color is nice.
  11. I'm not a fan of yellow and I have a Camel (Campana). No price for guessing what I pick. For a pop of colour I like Carmino. But it all depends on what bright colours work on you (wardrobe, complexion etc). Sorry, not much help. Go with what you heart says. But I have a feeling you like Moutarde. :graucho:
  12. If you like Moutarde, then go for it. Personally, I have to say, it has too much of a seventies vibe to it (esp. in the lighting of the store) and maybe once the seventies craze is over, it might look a little dull. Although it`s a gorgeous color to make a summery statement!
  13. I like the Moutarde because I agree - it's nice to have that pop of colour. But .... whatever you choose should be the one that doesn't leave you feeling maybe you should have gotten the other one! And there's always the option of getting one in the bag, and the other colour in a wallet or accessory so you can have both!
  14. As a recently owned camel veneta, I will def pick camel color because I'm not brave enough to wear non-neutral color.. I think depends on your life style .. you need more time to match your wardrobe with moustard than with camel... HTH..
  15. I vote for camel aswell beacuse it is a neutral colour that goes with everything, I've seen moutarde IRL and personally it is not for me!