Camel vs Light Camel Box Bag - Please Advise

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  1. Hello fellow Celine lovers!

    I am very confused by some of the color options from Celine. I want to add another box bag to my collection. I was thinking of going with the classic "Camel" but sometimes I find it looks very dark and perhaps too brown for my wardrobe. I saw the "Light Camel" online and thought it might be a good option for me. Yet I have trouble telling just how different these colors are in real life. I've scoured IG/google for photos of camel box bags and see a whole spectrum of shades from very light brown that looks almost beige to some really dark browns. Has anyone seen both in store? Or even own one or both? I would appreciate any and all advise on this. I would also love to hear any thoughts about box bag color options since I know camel is quite a popular choice.

    Here are the Light vs Regular Camel from the website for reference:

    Thank you!
  2. Oh my gosh, I was just thinking this exact thing! I purchased the camel today and when looking on the website at available colors, I came across the light Camel color. The store that I purchased from didn’t have much of a selection as far as colors, but I knew I wanted the classic camel anyways so that didn’t matter. What a surprise to come across this light camel color! I’m
  3. I own one in camel and love the color. It's definitely a Celine classic that matches with a lot of things. But if you think that it's too dark and/or too brown for your wardrobe, then you should definitely consider the lighter camel color. Both are beautiful!
  4. I've only seen the camel in person, and it was a bit too dark for me. It appeared more olive than caramel to me. However, I agree that the camel looks different across pictures I've seen online, and usually looks really beautiful! The light camel looks absolutely lovely, and I would get it if I didn't already have a light colored box!
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    I actually just bought the Light Camel yesterday, and would say that there's a significant difference between the two. I got to see the regular Camel as well, but unfortunately not photograph it. But I would call it a darker brown and say it looks most similar to this photo I've taken from Fashionphile. It was lovely, but too brown for me and my wardrobe. Now the Light Camel I've found a bit hard to capture correctly, but I'll add one photo taken in store and one from home. It appears a bit lighter than pictured on the website I'd say. Hope this helps and good luck deciding! The Box is such a wonderful bag :love:
    celine-box-calfskin-medium-classic-box-flap-bag-camel-001.jpg IMG_8385(1).JPG
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  6. Wow thank you so much! Very helpful response. Congratulations on this beautiful bag. I really like the light camel color, both on the website and in your photo, but it's surprisingly light colored when compared to the website photos. Looks a bit more beige/taupe right?

    Thanks again!
  7. No problem! Happy to help :smile: It's not quite taupe, cause the undertones are rather warm. But it's on the beige side for sure, though I actually do find light camel to be an acurate enough name for it. But it's difficult to describe colors! Anyhow, it generally appears lighter than on the website in most lights. So yeah, good luck deciding!

    And thank you! I'm really happy with my new bag.
  8. Hi, im looking at purchasing a light camel box as well but am worried about the colour transfer and staining.. How has ur light camel box held up since the purchase? Is it a real pain to maintain given the colour and leather type? thanks!
  9. I haven't used it all too much, but it still looks brand new. Not nearly as high maintenance as I feared. No color transfer and not even a single scratch! To me the leather feels more resilient than on the Box bags from the Phoebe Philo era. My Slate Blue box from 2013 scratches quite easily. But no issue with color transfer on that one either. And I've used both bags with jeans. Hope this helps :smile:
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  10. Thank you! Gd too know that the leather is more resilient! :smile:
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  11. Hi, just in case, you haven't found your final decision, I am a huge lover of Céline´s original camel color. It is really unique, yes, its brown, but it has this unexpected shade of green mixed in and it looks slightly different depending on the light and on it´s surrounding colors. I just love it, it´s richness is somehow satisfying ‍♀️
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